Sardar Patel University, Mandi, HP, INDIA

I welcome and extend best greetings to everyone on behalf of Sardar Patel University.

Holistic education is about imparting knowledge amalgamated with precise and contemporary development of skills. Higher education scenario globally has witnessed a significant change in approach and remarkable growth. Today higher education finds itself in an interesting position. On one side there are emerging areas like biotechnology, immunology, artificial intelligence and sustainable environment on the other side the relevance of traditional courses like law, public administration and history has become all the more relevant as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to re-examine our basics. Hence I feel that it is my duty to felicitate learning and help the future generations to create innovative solutions for the challenges our society faces.

Covid-19 has greatly impacted the higher education system across the globe by bringing huge disruption and transformation in higher education. The availability of vaccines and high quality of research are helping us to battle the pandemic and resume life with greater normalcy. While the past two years have been difficult, so I believe that the future holds promise. I sense that the University community is full of energy and waiting to discover its full potential.

A strong believer of dictum “ Knowledge is Power” this new State University of Himachal Pradesh  Sardar Patel University located in the heart of this Himalayan state in Mandi has been established to deliver quality education of global standards by developing the young minds with ethical and moral values, while boosting their leadership qualities, research culture and innovative skills. It’s our endeavour at SPU to shape both the mind and character of our students to become tomorrow’s thriving professionals, leaders and service providers.  

 I take this opportunity to welcome you all to Sardar Patel University – an institution to fulfil your dreams and aspirations for a bright and successful career.