Sardar Patel University, Mandi, HP, INDIA
  • Prof. Suneel Gupta

    Ombudsperson, SPU Mandi

Prof. Suneel Gupta (Former Vice Chancellor, Himanchal Pradesh University, Shimla) is appointed as Ombudsperson of Sardar Patel University Mandi (H.P.).

Ombudsperson has been appointed in accordance with the University Grants Commission (Redressal of Grievances of Students) Regulations, 2023.


  • The Ombudsperson shall hear appeals from an aggrieved student, only after the student has availed all other remedies provided under these regulations
  • While issues of malpractices in the conduct of examination or in the process of evaluation may be referred to the Ombudsperson, no appeal or application for revaluation or re-totalling of answer sheets from an examination shall be entertained by the Ombudsperson unless specific irregularity materially affecting the outcome or specific instance of discrimination is indicated.
  • The Ombudsperson may avail assistance of any person, as amicus curiae, for hearing complaints of alleged discrimination.
  • The Ombudsperson shall make all efforts to resolve the grievances within a period of 30 days of receiving the appeal from the aggrieved student(s).

University Grants Commission (Redressal of Grievances of Students) Regulations, 2023